Frymaster’s OCF Fryers Deliver
Green Benefits, Cost Savings, Outstanding
Performance, and More...

Frymaster’s OCF30 Fryers offer the next generation of green benefits and cost savings to the industry. They are made of stainless steel on the outside but their hearts are green on the inside. They are healthier for the environment, customers, workers, and the bottom line. Green benefits range from reduction of oil waste to less energy consumption.

40% Less Oil

With built-in Footprint Pro® filtering and a high fresh-to-used oil ratio, OCF can extend oil life by as much as 92%, so you refill with less oil, less often. The cost savings and GREEN benefits are significant!

Produce 66% more food per gallon of oil!

Gas or electric, 30 lb. OCF30 Fryers offer the same production capacity as their 50 lb. competitors, yet take 40 percent less oil to fill; resulting in less oil used and less oil discarded into the waste stream.

How does oil stay fresher longer in the OCF30?

Frypot oil levels decrease a slight amount after each cook because the food absorbs some oil. Note that even though the amount of oil absorbed during the cook is equal for both fryers,
it is a greater percentage of the total oil in the smaller OCF30 frypot.


Smart4U Controller

Each OCF30 Fryer is equipped with the full-featured SMART4U® OCF30 3000 Controller, which literally walks the operator through every facet of operation and maintenance.

With support for segmented cooking and a second language, along with 20 programmable product buttons, load compensation, and prompt-guided maintenance procedures, the OCF30 3000 controller makes the OCF Fryers user friendly and labor-efficient. It even monitors and reports on oil level, oil life, cook counts, and fryer performance. SMART4U® OCF30 3000 Controller features a COOL mode which holds the oil at a lower temperature during idle periods

Smart Features for safe and easy operation

Every aspect of the Frymaster OCF30 design was conceived to solve a problem, save a step, or promote safer operation and maintenance.

SafeGuard Workers

OCF30 Fryers mind the cooking so workers don’t have to and safeguard workers by minimizing their handling of hot oil (less frequent oil changes, builtin filtration, and optional auto top off).

Sequential Fitration

Controllers in the same battery communicate for staged, sequential filtration, and even alert the operator if more than one drain valve is opened.

Open Frypot

Open frypot design, both gas and electric, allows for safe, easy, unobstructed cleaning and maintenance.

Safety Shut Off Switch

The high-limit safety shut-off switch resets automatically with no tools or intervention required.

Self Standing Elements

Electric models feature element-lift handles, and self-standing elements that stay safely out of the way without being propped.

Oil Attendant

The available Oil Attendant® Auto Top-Off feature keeps the oil fresh and the frypot full while minimizing oil handling.

Oil Attendant®, automatic oil replenishment technology

Every aspect of the Frymaster OCF30 design was conceived to solve a problem, save a step, or promote safer operation and maintenance. Features include the SMART4U® Controller, open frypot design, high-limit safety shut-off switch, the available Oil Attendant® Auto Top-Off feature, and so much more.

FootPrint PRO® built-in filtration...

Because it’s so quick and convenient, built-in FootPrint PRO® filtration encourages frequent filtering and promotes maximum food quality by keeping the oil free of crumbs and other contaminants. Each frypot in the bank is controlled and filtered separately while the others continue cooking. The fast, easy filtering process extends oil life significantly and ensures operator safety by minimizing hot oil handling.

Watch FootPrint PRO® features in action

Outstanding Performance

OCF30 Savings Calculator

Using only 30 lbs. of oil, the Frymaster OCF handles the same workload as a 50-lb. fryer. By design, OCF 30-lb. fryers match the output of 50-lb. fryers. And because there is less oil to maintain, load-for-load, foods fried in the OCF are more consistent and higher quality.

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